Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts tickets are available daily, during regular business hours. Pot is currently $27,571+ and tickets are only $1. Thursday Special: •$7 Build Your Own Pasta Friday Special: •Chili •Pot Roast Dinner $12 Saturday: Chef Dame’s Special Sunday: Browns vs Giants @8:20pm *We will be open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Tonight’s Queen of Hearts pot started at $26,532+ and we drew Renee Guzay’s ticket, who chose card #34, revealing the King of Diamonds.
Tonight we updated our Second Chance Wheel with bigger prizes to be won!
The first Second Chance Spin went to Jen H. who spun and won $100 Cash.
The second Second Chance Spin went to Rachael Sommers who spun and won $75 Cash.
Tickets are now on sale for next week’s drawing, with only 11 cards remaining on the board!